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The WATCHDOG™ Blower-Siren helps prevent suffocation, dangerous falls and other common accidents caused by the sudden deflation of inflatable bounce houses.

Inflatable bounce houses need a blower to keep them inflated. But what happens when that blower stops inflating? When an inflatable loses air, it immediately becomes unstable. When this happens, children can become injured due to falls or become trapped inside. When this happens, every second counts.

The WATCHDOG™ Blower-Siren uses a patented smart chip that automatically detects if the blower is shut off or loses power. If it detects a problem, it sounds its 100+ decibel siren! This gives you precious time to help get children out safely.

  • Circuit breaker failure detection

  • Generator failure detection

  • Unplugged cords detection

  • Blower inadvertantly turned off detection (child mischief)

  • Rugged & durable ABS plastic

  • Integrated cord management

  • Powerful 100+ decibel siren

  • Arming indicator light

  • Internal battery that automatically recharges

  • Stackable design for easy storage